100 Day Drawings

A selection of 16cm x 16cm monotone plant drawings from an 100 day drawing project: £20 each.


I created this project to practice drawing daily and explore my relationship to plant life. Taking cues from childhood memories and the old journals of biophillic ancestors: I planted Lupin, Sweetpea, Moonflower, Nasturtium and Gladioli and was kept on track with my daily practice by their constant growth. Other plants appear too, where I was away from home and guided by the plants around me.


The drawings are sometimes observational and realistic and at others abstract, instinctive or experimental - a document in what it is to draw everyday, through different moods and levels of focus; relying on a variety of approaches to pull my attention back to the plants. The project is a documentation of how we pay attention and cultivate reciprocal relationship with the natural world.