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If you need support developing your creative practice you're in the right place. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, I believe your making matters. I promise you honesty, empathy, experience and tonnes of practical resources.


Stuck Sessions


What is it?

Stuck sessions is an online course of three 1:1 sessions with included access to  community meet-ups. It's for anyone who wants to develop their creative practice (beginner to professional) in a fun, accessible and practical way.

You will...

> Get inspired, unstuck and excited about your creativity.

> Make the time to do your thing.

Explore and develop your practice and artistic voice.

> Meet other creatives.

> Develop strategies to keep your flow flowing.

> Get support and accountability for your goals.

What's included?

  • 3 live online sessions of 1 hour, tailored to your needs.

  • Life time access to all course resources.

  • Monthly Meet- ups with fellow creatives for peer support and sharing.

  • Membership to the Stuck Sessions community for ongoing support and opportunities.

  • Email support and accountability check-ins throughout.

 For more information about the course and me click here

how much?

Spending money on developing your practice can be a big deal, especially if you’re balancing work and creative practice.

I’m using a pay-what-you-can pricing to enable artists to support each other: For every customer who pays the full price I can take on one who pays just £30 for the whole course.

Full price: £125

"I want value for money but can afford to support another artist to get the help they need"

If this is you please consider helping another artist get the support they need. I promise to pay back the excess if you’re disappointed or don’t feel you get value for money.

Cost Price: £85

"The full price is too steep for me but I can afford to cover my costs"

If full price is too much for you then feel free to go for this option.

Affordable price: £30

"I can't afford coaching or other courses but I'm committed to developing my creative practice."

If coaching and development courses are usually out of your reach, here's your opportunity.

I'm also happy to discuss support in-kind so please feel free to email or book a cuppa to chat about it.

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Register for Stuck Sessions

To register you interest, please fill out the information below. We'll arrange payment and book your sessions over email.

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What People Say .

Hannah created a delightful and peaceful session and it was a joyful hour I spent on Saturday afternoons. In a short space of time, Hannah has provided me with many resources and tips that have encouraged me to continue on my creative journey. I would highly recommend doing at least a few sessions if you’re ever stuck! (no pun intended)

- Julia

Working with Hannah was a pleasure and helped me to refocus and rejuvenate my experience as a creator during COVID. So much of the last few weeks has been about focusing on the home and the self that to work with Hannah on developing creative routines within that framework was great. I really enjoyed the chats and learning about fellow participants. The resources Hannah provides are something you can refer back to again and again when you’re feeling stuck -- totally worthwhile.

- Liz

I loved it, such a wonderful supportive group. 

They were a relaxed, fun and friendly sessions to explore creativity. Whether you see yourself as a creative person/artist or not, you'll gain something positive from the sessions with Hannah - the sessions enable space to reflect on your own personal goals, wishes and develop new ideas in a really supportive way. Some of the elements of the course and discussion sparked thought, reflection and change for other areas of life too, beyond creative practise.

Hannah was really great at drawing out (pun intended) your aims and goals, being gently encouraging and helping you to figure out how to make real, tangible changes. 

I felt really lifted after each of the sessions, they gave me a real buzz of inspiration and a kick to try some things I've always wanted to do, finish projects I was stuck on, and realise the importance of creativity in my life and for my wellbeing. As such, the sessions have had a lasting impact, with me regularly making time to explore my creativity and challenge myself by putting my projects out into the world! - Rosa

After the sessions I felt clearer and more focused - they were so healing for me personally and made me feel like I had a purpose and that I had a creative voice but also taught me to not be so hard on myself and be patient and set myself achievable goals and make space for myself and my own thoughts too.

I am buying some for my friend as I think they would be a real help to her - I found that I didn't really know how much I needed someone to talk me through my ideas, I think I often listen to others so it was really amazing to solely focus on me, if not scary.

Hannah has helped me to understand myself and my practice better. She has helped me navigate through some difficult times and feel more confident and excited for next year.

I'll be continuing on my sessions with Hannah to keep me on this positive track.

- Georgie


Coaching and Mentoring

If you'd like flexible 1:1 support with your creative practice please get in touch and we'll put together a bespoke plan, just for you.

Plans will be based around a rate of  £60 per session including email support and resources.

You can book a cuppa for a free 30 minute call to chat about your needs and options.


Stuck Mail Sunday Brunch

The Stuck Mail Sunday Brunch is a free monthly meet-up providing a space for the Stuck Sessions and Stuck Mail community to make connections, share work and build meaningful peer support.