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Offerings, at a glance:

  • Co - Making: Weekly Group Drop- in Sessions. FREE

  • Mini Stuck Session: 1 Hour 1:1 Practice Booster. £40

  • Stuck Sessions Course: 3 Session 1:1 Tailored Course - with additional support and resources. £140

Prefer to talk it through?

You can book a free (no pressure) virtual coffee here. 


Working with me:

How I Work:

I'm passionate about creative practice as a tool for personal growth, connection and social change. 


Alongside building online community space for artists through free co-making sessions and a regular letter, I offer 1:1 sessions and courses to boost your creative practice.

I promise to:

  • Create space for your experience and listen.

  • Explore what really matters to you about your practice and why.

  • Respect and validate the route you've taken to where you are now.

  • Uplift and not denigrate. Our work is not really about my opinions on what you make. It’s about helping you recognise what you love about your work and how to move forward with those insights.


I might:

  • Challenge or reflect back limiting beliefs about your work or process if I recognise them.

  • Reflect on how you work and offer a fresh perspective.

  • Offer reflective exercises and thought experiments to explore your practice and your approach.

  • Hold you accountable to what you say you want to do - and help you adjust your strategy if you drop the ball.

My experience

My approach to 1:1 work and courses are informed by:

  • Years of freelance practice in the community, charities and gallery sectors as a facilitator for adults, kids, artists and beginners.

  • A library of tools which I use in my own creative development.

  • Design, management and marketing approaches from an MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise.

  • An in-depth research thesis into artistic practice and social change.

  • I hold a Foundation Diploma in Counselling skills and am working towards further qualifications.

You can read some testimonials below.


First Steps

If you feel like our values align, and you'd like more support and community for your creative practice to thrive (whatever stage you're at and whatever you're into) the first thing to do is join my free mailing list. Here you'll have a line into the community and free access to  co-making sessions every week.

Co-Making: Free


What is it?

Co-Making is an opportunity to tune in from wherever you are, and dedicate time to your creative practice alongside a wonderful community. 

We simply say hello, mute, and get to work; checking in every hour or so to help each other stay on track and share some encouragement.

Currently session is:

Wednesdays 5pm-8pm

From September 1st to October 6th

Who is it for?

Co-making is for anyone with something to focus on - there are no rules or expectations about how you choose to use them.


Co-making is perfect for you if:

  • You sometimes struggle to show up and make time for your practice.

  • You would like to feel part of a community and be inspired by like-minded creatives.

  • Your confidence, motivation or focus tend to fluctuate.

  • You're looking for something fun, free and flexible with no commitment. but loads of benefits.

How much does it cost?

Co-making is 100% free to access.

If you'd like to support me in running it, you can contribute to the virtual tip jar.

How to Join

Sign up to Stuck Mail to receive the weekly reminder and Zoom link.

You can change your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

Mini Sessions: £40 

Mini Sessions

What is it?

A focused one-to-one session to give your practice a boost!


If you'd like a chat to see if we're a good fit, or to let me know where you'd like to focus you can book a free 30 minute virtual coffee here.

Who is it for?

Whether you are feeling a bit stuck, or would just like some input on your current work or process, I'll bring all my knowledge, enthusiasm and coaching experience to our 60 minute session.

How much does it cost?

Mini sessions are £40.

There are also opportunities for free sessions if you're signed up to Stuck Mail.

Stuck Sessions Course: £140

Stuck Sessions

What it is:

Stuck Sessions is a tailored online course of three 1:1 sessions designed to inject some fun, freedom and confidence into your creative practice. It includes:

Sessions: Each week we'll set creative goals and dive deep into your voice, values and ambitions. In the Sessions we discuss your progress, set goals and work through activities to help you reach your creative potential.


Resources: Each week I provide personal notes, tailored work plans and suggested exercises from my bank of resources.

Email Support: I make you a priority throughout our time working together and am always available via email to offer extra support, advice and accountability check-ins.

Community: Becoming part of the Stuck Sessions Community gives you a chance to start building lasting and meaningful peer support as you continue to grow your practice - you'll be invited to Zoom meet-ups and co-working sessions where you can get stuff done, share you work, learn and be inspired by a wide variety of creative people and practices.


The course will be tailored to your individual needs but loosely follows this structure:

Week one: Getting started.

We’re going to explore your creative practice in detail, discuss what holds you back and set achievable goals for the course.

Week two: Getting Unstuck.

Focuses on 'inspiration'; thinking about how you work best and how to nurture creative practice in a way that feels good.

Week three: Keeping Going

We’re going to reflect on and celebrate all you've achieved, explore your future priorities, strategise and set longer term goals.

You will...

> Get inspired, unstuck and excited about your creativity.

> Gain support and accountability to help you make time for your work and set achievable goals.

> Explore what holds you back, what sets you on fire, and how to improve your relationship with your practice.

> Develop strategies, confidence and self-belief so you can keep going.


Who is it for?

Stuck Sessions if for you if you want to dive deep and develop your creative practice in a fun, accessible and practical way.

The course is for anyone wanting to be more creative or develop their existing creative practice. It is accessible and flexible for busy people, suitable for all artistic mediums and all levels of experience. 


If you’re feeling stuck, isolated, or need to recharge your creative batteries, then it's for you. Stuck Sessions will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and supported for ongoing creative practice; armed with strategies and resources to keep it up.

Register for Stuck Sessions

To register your interest, please fill out the information below. We'll arrange payment and book your sessions at time to suit you over email.



"I had three sessions with Hannah at a time where I was really struggling with creative block. Hannah helped me realise that I was under valuing the various forms of creativity that support me being able to write music, she helped me realised that I was doing much more than I gave myself credit for. Working with Hannah helped me adjust my approach to my creative work, to bring compassion and play to my approach and to work from a place of joy. So useful for someone like me who gets attached to the product and not the process."

- Sara

“I loved it, such a wonderful supportive group. 

The sessions were a relaxed, fun and friendly chance to explore creativity. Whether you see yourself as a creative person/artist or not, you'll gain something positive from the sessions with Hannah - the sessions enable space to reflect on your own personal goals, wishes and develop new ideas in a really supportive way. Some of the elements of the course and discussion sparked thought, reflection and change for other areas of life too, beyond creative practise.

Hannah was really great at drawing out (pun intended) your aims and goals, being gently encouraging and helping you to figure out how to make real, tangible changes. 

I felt really lifted after each of the sessions, they gave me a real buzz of inspiration and a kick to try some things I've always wanted to do, finish projects I was stuck on, and realise the importance of creativity in my life and for my wellbeing. As such, the sessions have had a lasting impact, with me regularly making time to explore my creativity and challenge myself by putting my projects out into the world! ”

- Rosa

“After the sessions I felt clearer and more focused - they were so healing for me personally and made me feel like I had a purpose and that I had a creative voice but also taught me to not be so hard on myself and be patient and set myself achievable goals and make space for myself and my own thoughts too.

I am buying some for my friend as I think they would be a real help to her - I found that I didn't really know how much I needed someone to talk me through my ideas, I think I often listen to others so it was really amazing to solely focus on me, if not scary.

Hannah has helped me to understand myself and my practice better. She has helped me navigate through some difficult times and feel more confident and excited for next year.

I'll be continuing on my sessions with Hannah to keep me on this positive track.”

- Georgie

“Working with Hannah was a pleasure and helped me to refocus and rejuvenate my experience as a creator during COVID. So much of the last few weeks has been about focusing on the home and the self that to work with Hannah on developing creative routines within that framework was great. I really enjoyed the chats and learning about fellow participants. The resources Hannah provides are something you can refer back to again and again when you’re feeling stuck -- totally worthwhile.”

- Liz

“Hannah created a delightful and peaceful session and it was a joyful hour I spent on Saturday afternoons. In a short space of time, Hannah has provided me with many resources and tips that have encouraged me to continue on my creative journey. I would highly recommend doing at least a few sessions if you’re ever stuck! (no pun intended)”

- Julia

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