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Exclusive daily content  reminding you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOUR MAKING MATTERS.

GET CONNECTED and join the discussion in our pop-up facebook group.

Get INSPIRED by others' creative journeys, and gain MOTIVATION and CONFIDENCE in your own path.

Share your thoughts on the  FUTURE of our COMMUNITY: Your voice will help shape the actions and initiatives to come.

“Artists; they are the only competent rebels of our time”

- Boaventura de Sousa Santos

If you’ve ever been stuck?

If you’ve ever questioned where you and your work belong?


If you’ve ever struggled to validate and advocate for your creative practice?


If you’ve ever de-prioritised your creativity only to feel unfulfilled or guilty?


If you’ve ever felt undermined, misunderstood or pressured to create in a way that limits you?

Whatever your discipline or level of experience:

Creative practice matters.


The everyday reality can feel filled with self-doubt, identity crises, and fear.



So let's get together.


Throughout May, ‘Competent Rebels’ will explore how these very experiences ARE ACTUALLY EVIDENCE of the importance of your creative practice.


How the creative work you do, and the invisible boundaries you push against, build the knowledge that makes change possible.


We’ll bring together creative minds - diverse in discipline, experience and identity - for a month long project to remind you that :YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOUR MAKING MATTERS.


We’ll talk about the winding roads of our creative careers; celebrating the backroads and  precarious paths we navigate.

We’ll be inspired by the creativity and careers of our contributors. 

We’ll explore what we need to support ourselves in developing creative practice and how we can  help each other.


Together, we’ll get unstuck, inspired and excited about our work.


We’ll re-imagine  what it looks and feels like to develop and sustain creative practice.


At the end of the project, we’ll share an action plan inspired by what we learn and ensure you can stay connected and continue to benefit from the community we create.

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